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Dark Chocolate Roasted Hazelnut

Short, intense yet delectably creamy, a Piccolo Latte is the perfect match for the Excellence Roasted Hazelnut chocolate. The rich roasted notes and decadent nutty flavour of this coffee harmonises perfectly with the smooth dark chocolate and hazelnut inclusions.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry with Coffee

The flavour balance of a strong Cappuccino with its creamy texture highlights some of the sweetness in this chocolate whilst the fruitiness and acidity of the raspberry pieces provides a delicious contrast that are all brought together with the subtle notes of exceptional cocoa.

Dark Cherry Intense with Coffee

When sipping macchiato, suck it through the foam, this will help combine the milk and all the aromas of the coffee. The cherry notes of the coffee sweeten the dark chocolate, enhancing and intensifying the cherry fruit, before leaving a subtle pineapple aftertaste.

Dark 70% Cocoa with Coffee

Best served as an espresso to compliment this dark bar and its complexity of flavours. Sip the espresso and continue to chew the chocolate. Coffee notes of plum, raisin and brown sugar work to sweeten the cocoa and provide a pleasurable sensation on the palette.

Dark 85% Cocoa with Coffee

Best drank as a flat white when paired with this bar’s deep cocoa characters, hint of vanilla and deep tones. With its bergamot orange sweetness, this bean counters the intensity of the cocoa, whilst the nutty aftertaste provides a rounded mouth feel.

Dark 90% Cocoa with Coffee

Brew a creamy caffe latte and chew the chocolate as you drink. The milk content in this milder coffee combines with its orange sweetness and produces a melt -in-the-mouth feel, which helps to soften the rich cocoa character of Lindt EXCELLENCE 90% Cocoa.

Caramel with A Touch of Sea Salt with Coffee

The leather and tobacco tones of this delicious bean are initially sweetened by the caramel taste of the chocolate, whilst the sea salt is amply balanced by the slightly nutty coffee aftertaste.

Dark Orange Intense with Coffee

For this flavour there are different tastes to discover depending on the time of day: The citric notes of orange, mangoes and peaches make the chocolate’s candied orange and almond notes come alive for a wonderful morning treat. bold, smoky coffee, reminiscent of a freshly rolled cigar. The hints of leather and spice react well with the orange and citrus chocolate notes.

Dark A Touch of Sea Salt with Coffee

This coffee boasts its own dark chocolate tones, which react in harmony with the cocoa solids in the chocolate bar, revealing a slight sea salt aftertaste. Best served as an espresso.

Dark Chilli with Coffee

This is a complex coffee, with a spicy, almost tannic quality. The result of pairing with Lindt EXCELLENCE Dark Chilli is akin to a spicy meal, cooled by a rich red wine. For added taste perfection, wait for the chilli to bite before taking a second sip of the coffee.

Extra Creamy with Coffee

This coffee is full of chocolate, toffee and caramel tones, and amplifies the Lindt EXCELLENCE Extra Creamy chocolate blend. It is the perfect companion for Lindt EXCELLENCE Extra Creamy’s exceptionally rich and honeyed melt and gentle floral and caramel character.

White Vanilla with Coffee

The sweet berry fruit from this coffee bean comes through to perfectly compliment the decadent sweetness of the vanilla.