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Dark 70% Cocoa with Wine

This dark bar hides a complexity of flavours. Discover honey and caramel, roses, red fruits in the aromas, and a rich range of flavours in the mouth. Pick a wine with red fruit characters to add an extra dimension to the dark chocolate. Experiment with a Chilean Merlot or Australian Grenache: bold, with lively red berries, and a smooth juicy finish.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry with Wine

This delightfully balanced chocolate celebrates the natural tartness of the berries and the sweet, yet intricate cocoa flavour of the chocolate. The stunning aroma of ripe raspberries and delicate cocoa notes harmonize perfectly well with a Cabernet Sauvignon for a full-bodied mouthfeel. A Grenache would also pair perfectly well.

Dark Chocolate Roasted Hazelnut with Wine

The slightly nutty and fruity characteristics of the Gamay grapes in a Beaujolais creates an intriguing harmony and contrast to the rich, roasted notes of the Excellence Roasted Hazelnut. The delectable dark tones and smooth finish of the dark chocolate makes this a truly unique pairing. A slightly oakey Australian Gamay would also make a great pairing.


Dark Cherry Intense with Wine

At the first bite the flavours blossom, with high notes of red cherry and a delicate crunch of almond slivers, surrounded by smooth dark chocolate. Experiment with Sauternes, a French sweet wine with a zest of acidity from the flavours of apricots, honey, peaches. The wine coats the chocolate in rich and silky golden fruit, adding a slick of vanilla to the overall finish.


Dark 85% Cocoa with Wine

These deliciously sweet and supple wines make ideal partners with the intensity of the Lindt EXCELLENCE 85% cocoa. The honeyed, roasted notes of the wines wrap richly round the chocolate, while the deep cocoa characters with a hint of vanilla and depth of the chocolate soothe the sweetness of the wine, and add a touch of balancing mocha bitterness.


Dark 90% Cocoa with Wine

This chocolate is undoubtedly dark but it is also elegantly refined and supple. Enjoy the rich cocoa character, with roasted elements like hazelnuts, and a deep note of cream and vanilla. The classic wine match is undoubtedly a Late Bottle Vintage Port. The Port brings rich flavours of vanilla, redcurrants, a bright freshness and a silky warmth. Definitely a combination to savour after dinner.


Caramel with A Touch of Sea Salt with Wine

This is a bar with a subtle balance of dark chocolate followed by a crispy caramel crunch, and a subtle undertone of sea salt. The most dramatic pairing with this is Prosecco, combining crispy caramel with the sparkle of the wine, with its citrus and pear fruit. Demi-Sec Champagne with its hint of sweetness is also a great match.


Dark Orange Intense with Wine

Lindt EXCELLENCE Orange Intense’s keynote flavour is candied orange, with a crunch of almond. Highlight its orange appeal with the freshness of a 5 year old Rich Madeira. Taste how the Madeira’s dried fruit notes make a warming background to the dark chocolate, while its zesty punch of lime and orange rises up to meet the candied orange notes.


Dark A Touch of Sea Salt with Wine

The bar shows warming cocoa aromas, with a slick of vanilla, and at first there is no hint of the sea salt to come. Initially it tastes honeyed, then a citrus freshness, with finally a little crystal bite of sea salt. If you’re not used to dark chocolate, this is a great bar to start with. Pair it with a Zinfandel from California. The wine’s dark, red berry boldness makes a fascinating contrast, offering a new range of flavours.


Dark Chilli with Wine

This is a combination that offers a real taste sensation. The bar melts gently in the mouth, producing a subtle sweetness. There is warmth of chilli, but the heat is very well controlled. Enjoy it with a Ripasso di Valpolicella or Amarone from Italy. Both these wines are made to have extra depth and intensity, which works well with dark chocolate. The dark fruits in the wines highlight the red fruit in the chocolate.

Extra Creamy with Wine

Lindt EXCELLENCE Extra Creamy showcases the supple, silky character for which Swiss chocolate is so famous. With an exceptionally velvety and honeyed melt and gentle floral and caramel character, this chocolate pairs perfectly with a rich, aromatic Tawny Port.