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A taste sensation Lindt Excellence and Coffee

How to taste

With coffee's abundance of flavour characteristics and so many delicious Lindt Excellence flavours to try, the potential for wonderful coffee and chocolate combinations is endless.

Expert Barista, Robert Henry has partnered with our Master Chocolatier to select some of the very best pairings to intrigue your taste buds, as well as some handy hints on how to perform your own coffee and chocolate tasting.

Guide to cupping

  • Take a quarter ounce of coarse ground roasted coffee of choice
  • Heat about 150ml of water to just below boiling point. Purified or filtered water is recommended to get the best and truest taste from coffee
  • Pour the water over the coffee in a circular motion
  • Take half a spoonful of liquid, breaking the top layer of the coffee grinds that floated to the top


Next, take your cup of coffee and slurp some of the liquid from a teaspoon, making sure the liquid sprays equally around your mouth to so all the different notes can be detected.

Savour all the aromas and flavours.


Sniff the chocolate and savour the aroma before breaking off a diamond, listening for the snap. Take a small piece and let it melt slowly in your mouth. To fully appreciate the chocolate’s scent, make sure you inhale through your mouth and out through your nose – this allows for the flavours and aromas to fully penetrate your senses. Think about the aroma, the texture, the length of time it takes to melt. When you have finally swallowed the chocolate, consider the flavour and how long it lingers.

Taste again

Immediately take another slurp of coffee and note how the flavours combine with the chocolate you have just tasted. Do the flavours and aromas complement or contradict each other? Perhaps one releases more detectable flavours from the other?

Try lots of combinations of different coffee and chocolate until you discover your favourite pairing.